Liberty’s Hands
Afghan Military Refugee Assistance 

Who We Are


Our duty to is to take the worst thing that ever happened to someone and make it a little better


The mission of Liberty’s Hands is to informally partner with Afghan Special Operations and Aviation Military Refugees and their Families, augmenting formal resettlement programs in order to provide an added layer of support to these newly arrived members of our communities.



The intent of Liberty’s Hands is to share information among groups and individuals seeking to assist with the reception of Afghan evacuees.  As a volunteer veteran founded organization, we place an emphasis on assisting  Afghan Special Immigrant Visa Holders and Military Refugees by partnering though this site with US veterans seeking to assist. We are working to establish coordinators at the state level to facilitate pairing US veteran partners with US SOF-affiliated Afghan interpreters and Afghan SOF and Military Aviation refugees in the states where they will be settled.


Service To Others

Serving those who served alongside us, Liberty’s Hands is a veteran-founded and registered 501c3 organization designed as a resource to provide current information on Afghan refugee assistance at the local level, while establishing a network across resettlement states to facilitate the transition and sponsorship process of our  Afghan partners in the US


Last Evac Centers Closing

January 17th Update

Detailed National Geographic story on resettled Afghans (Providing email address gets three free articles) Afghan refugees are finding a warm welcome in small-town America (

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